The Sonic Walk is a hybrid art-form that evolved from adapting museum/tourist walking tours as a medium of artistic expression. HUSH HARBOUR is a SonicWalk that incorporates sound, walking through space and listening through headphones to (re)imagine Toronto’s Black past and to remap Blackness onto the Toronto landscape. HUSH HARBOUR transforms the space that currently hides the Black presence and enables participants to travel back in time. Sound is recorded binaurally and creates an immersive three-dimensional world in which to explore the Black experience.

HUSH HARBOUR explores the complexities of Black life in Canada between 1793 when The Act to limit the further importation of slaves was passed and 1833 when Britain abolished slavery in its colonies. The Act of 1793 enabled enslaved Americans to cross the Canadian border into freedom but ensured that those who were enslaved in Canada remained slaves for life until 1833. In this story Peggy, an enslaved woman based on the historic figure Peggy Pompadour falls in love with Samuel, a man with a mythical past who was enslaved in America and came across the Canadian border into freedom. Peggy is planning her escape from bondage in Canada while Samuel wants to stay in the country to taste his freedom.

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Go to Portland and Wellington Avenues in Toronto to experience the walk.

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