BlackGrange Launching March 1st!

BlackGrange Launching March 1st!

Happy to announce that in March I’ll be launching BlackGrange, a new Afrofuturist walking tour of Toronto’s Grange neighbourhood that will be available via googlemap.

On March 3 from 2-5pm I will lead a live one-time-only performative walk of BlackGrange with the Outerregion performers and would love to share this experience with you. The walk begins at University College (UofT, 27 Kings College Circle). RSVP here.

BlackGrange is commissioned by WalkingLab and is part of Indelible Refusal: Bodies Performances, and Walking Resistance, an event series exploring concepts related to land, settler colonialism, slavery, erasure, violence, and refusal.

As a part of the programme I’ll participate in a public discussion with Dr Cheryl Thompson entitled Mapping Memory: Public Space as Archive. The discussion will be hosted by UofT on March 1st from 6-8pm, more information here.

Lastly this new project will be included in a new book called Walking Methodologies in a More-than-Human World, that is launching with a reception on March 5th, 6 pm, at The Beaver (1192 Queen St. W).