5 is highway 5/Dundas and dime is highway 10/Hurontario, two major highways that intersect in Mississauga, one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.

Exploring the vibrant area located in the heart Cooksville, one of the villages that was amalgamated into the city of Mississauga. the walk presents this constantly transforming model of resilience as an important hub of culture where one can experience astonishing diversity from around the world, all within a few short blocks. Here, the passion and drive of the small business owners that have shaped the area is highlighted along with the wide variety of goods and services they offer to the public.

This walk recognizes the area as a local treasure and an important site of Mississauga’s cultural heritage.

I created the 5 & Dime Walking Tour on my residency with Art Gallery of Mississauga.


5 & Dime