I participated in Spare Parts, a collaboratively created installation exploring the illegal global organ trade in which the viewer is confronted with life sized video projections of a Bangladeshi kidney seller and a Canadian kidney transplant recipient-buyer facing each other and sitting in silence. The piece highlights the ethics of techno-medicine, the economy of the global marketplace, the intimacy of “spare parts,” and what it means to be human in the 21st century. Spare Parts was sponsored by the Social Justice Research Institute at Brock University and the Brock Studio for Narrative, Visual and Digital Methods. It was originally presented in conjunction with the Social Justice Research Institute Symposium, “Consuming Intimacies: Bodies, Labour, Care, and Social Justice,” October 15 & 16 2015 at Brock University.

Researcher, Monir Moniruzzaman

Artist, Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Curator, Camille Turner

Technical Director, Jim Ruxton

Web Designer, Michael Alstad

Videographers, Katrin Bowen and Molla Sagar

Editor and documentation, Brahm Rosensweig


Generously funded by: Social Justice Research Institute, Brock University and Brock Studio for Narrative, Visual and Digital Methods