TimeWarp is a transmedia walk commissioned for the Land/Slide: Possible Futures exhibition. It is part of the series The Final Frontier, which follows the adventure of African Space travelers who are descendants of the Dogon people of West Africa. According to Dogon stories, their vast knowledge of star systems predating Western science by thousands of years came to them through extraterrestrials. In my story the Afronauts left earth 10,000 years ago and have returned home to save the planet. I structured TimeWarp as an intercultural engagement that transforms smartphones into time machines that enable museum visitors to experience past and future events. The mysterious beings were glimpsed by a character named Hanna Walk, who happened to visit the Markham museum when the Afronauts arrived. Baffled by what she was seeing, Hanna did what most of us would do, she reached for her cell phone and followed them taking a video as they walked through Museum’s Heritage Village. Visitors can now use their cellphones to watch Hanna’s video while walking through the site and following in her footsteps.

You can experience TimeWarp by going to the Markham Museum at 9350 Markham Road in Markham, Ontario. Go into the exhibition room behind front desk.  Point your browser to the video on youtube  and follow Hanna’s directions to experience what she experienced in the place where the story took place.

“This a work of pure fiction that invites viewers to imagine the museum as a site of memory where Black lives might be imagined.

TimeWarp was produced by Outerregion and commissioned by Land/Slide: Possible Futures

Written and Directed by: Camille Turner

Videography and Editing: by Brahm Rosensweig

Camera operated by: Alec McKay

Music composed by: Ravi Naimpally

Tribute to Sun Ra track performed by: Tim Posgate

Costume created by: Adrienne Baker

Production coordinated by: Jounghwa No

Voice Over by: Ophilia Davis

Afronauts performed by: Lee Turner, Chiezda Pasipanodya, Tiffany Clare Martin & Carl Palmer