Created during a year of cross-border conversation on their specific relationships to land and belonging, Jérôme Havre, Cauleen Smith, and Camille Turner collaborated on a new short film, Triangle Trade, that was presented at Gallery TPW in the fall of 2017. The film features three puppets avatars and three distinct worlds that were created by each of the artists to represent themselves. Animated by the artists and the film crew, the puppets navigate their distinctive worlds that at once isolate them and offer them the possibility of transformative connection. As the puppets move through their respective landscapes, Havre, Smith, and Turner’s puppets reflect on blackness as a state of becoming, a mode of experience that reaches simultaneously into multiple futures and histories.

Triangle Trade was first produced at Gallery TPW Toronto with sponsorship from Partners in Art Toronto and additional support from the Liason of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. An interview of the artists with Yaniya Lee was also commissioned by Gallery TPW. Triangle Trade was also exhibited at the Surrey Art Gallery with a republishing  of the interview, read it here: Most recently Triangle Trade was shown Cooper Gallery DJCAD x MOMENTA | Biennale de l’image in the exhibition Ambiguous Becoming: Artists’ Moving Image from Canada



Photography by Alyssa Bistonath